The Holy Ghost is For Today!

Isn’t it amazing that the same people who say that the Holy Ghost is not for us today are the same ones who make excuses for living a gross lifestyle of sin and shame? Well, I have good news for everyone around this world: THE HOLY GHOST IS FOR TODAY! Peter said on the day of Pentecost that he is for you and for your children and for your children’s children as many as the Lord our God shall call. Who would that encompass? Everyone that believes upon the Lord Jesus Christ. Because when one believes upon the Lord Jesus Christ they get a measure of the Spirit of God. And then when they ask for God to fill them with the Holy Ghost guess what happens? God fills them with the Holy Ghost!! I have this friend of mine who was a Baptist minister. One night while having a disappointing night, he went to a room and threw his Bible on the bed and said God I need more; and before he knew it, God filled him with the Holy Ghost!! With the evidence of speaking in tongues. He did not even pray specifically for the Holy Ghost, but God knows our needs doesn’t He? So if you come across someone who said that the Holy Ghost isn’t for us today, just say, “it may not be for you but it is for me”. Because I am a Christian!!

About CJ

Christian that believes and preaches all of the Word of God. Living the "above life" every single day.
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