All Christians Go Soul Winning

Aren’t you glad someone cared enough about you to tell you about a God that loves you? Unfortunately, not everyone is glad about sharing Jesus with someone. How could this be? Say you had cancer… and not long after you found out you had cancer you went to the doctor again. Only this time he shares with you that there is no trace of cancer to be found. Would you keep that sort of information to yourself? NO WAY! How much more when a person has been delivered from the cancer called sin. Jesus took that deadly disease out of our nature so that now we can really live, instead of just exist. Jesus is the Well of Life for the dry and thirsty soul. The reason people don’t tell anyone else is because they are just too busy doing other things that don’t really matter. They can find fault with the world but can they find the remedy to the fault? That remedy is to be a part of a soul winning program and get to winning souls. There are people really hurting in the world and the Christian has what they need. J-E-S-U-S! So when someone tries to find fault with you for doing the Commandment of the Lord just say, “I am doing this because I AM A CHRISTIAN!”


About CJ

Christian that believes and preaches all of the Word of God. Living the "above life" every single day.
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