Got Miracles?

Got Milk? Is a trademark promoting the drinking of milk among the consumers. Got Miracles? Is to promote the power of God back into the church where it belongs. Today we are surrounded with hunger for the supernatural. I mean… The hunger is massive you can see it everywhere. Whether it is another movie about Harry Potter or something else that has to do with a power that is far above anything you are used to. Well I have good news tonight, the Church of the Living God has been given a supernatural power with a supernatural message. And it was meant to be spread abroad. Meaning all over the globe. Christ commanded the Church to go out and make disciples. Jesus died and rose for us so we could live for Him. He is the reason we can work miracles. He is the reason that we can have more than 30 people in Church on a Sunday Morning. God is a consuming fire… so can you possess this fire and not be affected? Absolutely impossible! Every catastrophe makes room for a new, fresh, and better way of thinking. So that really we should thank God for every catastrophe that comes our way so that we may have a frsher perspective than we’ve ever had before. Miracles are the way to soul win. Miracles glorify God. Miracles are God’s method of propagation of His Gospel. So let us make up in our minds not to preach another unconfirmed Word. But let God confirm the Word with signs and wonders following.


About CJ

Christian that believes and preaches all of the Word of God. Living the "above life" every single day.
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