You ARE Worth More Than That!

Many times in our lives we think of ourselves as useless beings waiting to die. Many people actually do commit to killing themselves over the seemingly hopeless situation that they are in. Others give their bodies away to individuals who they think will love them or give them some sense of security….In exchange for their virtue and honor. This thinking must be stopped. YOU ARE SOMEBODY!!! You don’t have to settle for less in this wonderful life provided to us by God Almighty. Listen to how much God thinks of you: the very hairs of your head are all numbered (do you know how many hairs you have; BUT God cares that much about you to count them all!!!) He gave His only SON (not cousin) to die in your place. Your price is not with silver and gold. That is not the measurement that God used. He used blood for your price. Which is far above silver, gold, and the quickly diminishing dollar!!! You are the crown of God’s creation. When God made man He made him in His image. Which means that man was created to be ABOVE THE ANGELS!!! Because the angels were not recorded as being made in the image of God. But man is. So enough of this selling yourself short and settling for any old rat that comes your way. When the temptation comes to live below your privileges….remember: YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN THAT!!!

In order for man to gain true satisfaction, peace, glory, and a seat at the right of hand of God he must be born again. That is born from above. He must have a heart change. He must have a recreated spirit. Recreated not by his mind but by Almighty God!

There was a man who was honest with me. He said that he would not give his life to Jesus because there is still some more sinning that he would like to do……WOW! What are you supposed to do after that? What are you supposed to say after that? I did not condemn him. He is already under condemnation. I just let him know that we (THE CHURCH) are there for him and left. Now, while that may be a sad state to live in, at least he was honest with me and did not come up with some lame brain excuse like: MY WIFE WON”T LET ME COME TO CHURCH (YOUR WIFE RUNS THE HOUSE AND JUST MIGHT RUN YOU CRAZY). Lord have your way in that man’s life and let him come to the realization that he was MADE FOR MORE THAN THAT!!! In Jesus name.


About CJ

Christian that believes and preaches all of the Word of God. Living the "above life" every single day.
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