We’re Coming Out

This title was actually inspired by a Diana Ross song. It has some lyrics that, if we as Christians were to apply to our lives, would absolutely turn this world right side up! Her lyrics were about how she wants the world to know the real her and how much ability that she has. Brethren, I don’t believe that the world has yet to discover how much ability the church has. At least not in our generation. This generation is starving for someone to show it the manifest power of a living God that is able to repair, restore, and revive any mind, any circumstance, or anybody that would dare to step out of the natural and in to the SUPERNATURAL. I am here to say that the Church is COMING OUT. Coming out of the shell and letting men and women know there is a God in Heaven that wants to dwell in the soul in the person of the Holy Spirit. We let the world know who we are by our speech, conduct, and persona that we are Holiness Christians and not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!! Lord multiply your people 100-fold upon the Earth in Christ name.


About CJ

Christian that believes and preaches all of the Word of God. Living the "above life" every single day.
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