Revolution Is In the Air

Revolution is in the air and I’m loving the smell of it!!! As we speak there are seeds of revolution being sown in many minds around the world.

Freedom fighters sow the seeds of revolutionary deeds and don’t wince in the face of any enemy that rises their ugly heads against God’s children.

How do you get a fault finder to shut their mouth? Ask them for a solution! In this generation God needs people who believe in people. People who have solutions. What the world doesn’t need: People who say, “it can’t be done!”, “why doesn’t that bum on the street get a job!”, “that man (or woman) will never change”, “things will always be the way they are”. These people need to take a trip to the Son! They need to travel outside of their carnal minds and land in the promise of the spiritual mind. This is the mind that says: even though my bank account is empty, I am rich. Even though I am drained physically, emotionally, and socially it is in my weakness that I am made strong. This mind is the mind of someone who did not come from this world. And the Revolution that I speak so freely of is not imaginary but it is happening right now! I did something revolutionary today. I am looking forward to doing something revolutionary tomorrow. Because I am realizing even more than ever that life is not about how much you can get (how boring) but it is all about how much you can give.


About CJ

Christian that believes and preaches all of the Word of God. Living the "above life" every single day.
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One Response to Revolution Is In the Air

  1. Desiray says:

    PREACH that word! That is exactly what people need….thank you for your boldness in Christ…We need many more to do the same….and until a persons mind is transformed like Jesus mind then people will continue to speak negatively and don’t see solutions but always seeing problems…AMEN


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