In The Face of Your Enemies

Well look at this! He finally got what he was looking for. The person I am talking of is LeBron James of the Miami Heat. On Thursday night at about 9pm he was crowned an NBA champion Most Valuable Player and received his long awaited ring. I am happy for him and hope that this is just the first of many for this young man of 27.

Many however……are not happy.

I remember people down playing him and saying that he was this and he can’t play defense. I have a question for everyone that was running their mouth. I am going to take the quote from the Bible when another sucka was talking smack back in the book of Judges: WHERE IS YOUR MOUTH NOW?

You see folks it doesn’t really matter what people think or how many people are against you. What we need to realize is that we can actually take what people say and make that our fuel to keep on thriving in whatever endeavor we undertake for the Lord Jesus Christ!

No doubt these are the sentences of the unbelievers who came against him: I hope he never wins….He is a traitor… He doesn’t deserve a ring….blah….blah…blah!!! To the vitriolic ravings I ask: WHERE IS YOUR MOUTH NOW?

Some of these same people will probably be on his side next year. How could you say that? You ask. Because everyone except a loser loves a winner!!!!!!!

Let this good news remind you that it will never matter what people say against you. Just as long as you know what you have come to do and do it. Not try to do it. Not do your best. But do it! For me it is preaching the Gospel and seeing multitudes delivered from sin, shame, and sickness. This Jesus has sent me to do. And this every Christian with the power of God has come to do! To destroy the works of the devil. Not when we get to Heaven but in the face of our enemies!

Many are they that rise up against me….many are they that say of my soul there is no help for him in God… But(this part is exciting) THOU O LORD ARE A SHIELD FOR ME MY GLORY AND THE LIFTER OF MY HEAD!!! Hallelujah to the Lamb!


About CJ

Christian that believes and preaches all of the Word of God. Living the "above life" every single day.
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