Looking Unto Jesus

“…our eyes are upon thee”

–II Chronicles 20:12

For some this may seem like a pretty weird passage of scripture to use for encouraging people to look to Jesus. Yet, in this passage of scripture we can gain a whole lot of revelation about how God wants us to relate to Him.

Salvation is by grace through faith and the faith that we received did not come by man but it was actually given to us (Christians) by the Living God. the rest of this verse reads like this (CJV): “God, aren’t you going to judge them? We have no strength against this huge army that wants to wipe us off the planet, we don’t know what to do……except: LOOK TO YOU! Hallelujah!!! You probably already know how the story is going to end. Jehoshaphat gathered a choir together and put them on the front lines of the battle and while they were singing praises to the Lord and just enjoying themselves in God…..Jehovah started fighting for his son and when the Children of Judah came upon their enemies they found hundreds dead and on the ground!!!

Now what could God be saying to us with this verse of scripture. He is absolutely showing that: HE CAN DO MORE THAN WE CAN! WHY FIGHT, WHEN YOU CAN PRAISE? WE ARE BETTER OFF WITH OUR EYES ON JESUS THAN ON OUR PROBLEMS! Remember this passage of scripture when you feel discouraged. Better yet, continue reading it because you will find that the Children of Judah gathered riches…..that they did not have to fight or work for. Brethren, this is the result of having faith in God in every situation that you go through. This is another great example of an effortless success made possible by the grace and greatness of God. I’ve got good news: Jesus bore the curse so that we can receive the blessing!!!

Jehoshaphat was absolutely correct and had the correct attitude. God wanted to show Himself strong and when Jehoshaphat mentioned these key words: I don’t know what we are going to do (ignorant), we don’t have any might against this army (weak), but our eyes are upon you (faith): This was the correct formula for God to move. Remember it is when we are weak….that God becomes stronger! It is Christ that is in us that is the hope of Glory!!! Allowing God to live and move and speak within us is the greatest phenomenon on the planet and we are privileged to be carriers of the Most High God!!!

Eternal life is way more than anyone could ask for and way more than anyone deserves. Jesus said that he not only will do that but that He will give us the desires of our heart. Not because of how good we are. Not because we keep the commandments. But because: OUR EYES ARE UPON THEE!


About CJ

Christian that believes and preaches all of the Word of God. Living the "above life" every single day.
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