Peace & Increase

“Of the INCREASE of his government and PEACE there shall be no end…..”

–Isaiah 9:7a


Now this is the type of government I am talking about. A government that not only guarantees no more crime but also comes through on that promise. A government that not only ensures more money in the pockets of the people……but also comes through on that promise. This, ladies and gentleman, is the government of God. Did you read what is going to happen when Jesus rules this earth? Peace and Increase is the direct result of Jesus being the head of everything on Earth. The primary focus of all humanity. 


Now get this: If this is what happens when Jesus is Ruler of the physical world; can you imagine what would happen if mankind allowed him to be ruler of their spiritual world? My friend peace and increase would flood their lives as well…..and it would not end. Listen to what Jesus said: I have come that YOU might have life and that you might have it (life) more ABUNDANTLY (way over and above what you need past flood level). This literally means it is God’s will to drown us in a sea of His Life!!!


Wow! God has given us so much more through grace than He ever intended to give mankind through the law. The law was weak and powerless to save, even though it was holy, just, and good. Jesus Christ came to bring us back into divine favor with the loving Father God who is more than willing to provide our every need. He also is more than willing to give us above and beyond anything we can imagine!!! Jesus took our poverty, sin, curse, sickness and failure to the cross and nailed them there! He did this so that we could be the rich, righteous, blessed, healthy success that He has called us to be IN HIM! 


I thank God for the coming time of revival that is sweeping the world and that will take many by pleasant surprise. Miracles will not come by us focusing our attention on what we do. They will only come by refocusing on what He has done! Jesus is on the throne…..AND SO ARE WE!


Peace and Increase,




About CJ

Christian that believes and preaches all of the Word of God. Living the "above life" every single day.
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