Believe It or Not

Nothing is impossible to the believer


I have one question for you tonight. Are you a believer?

In looking over the past and being hopeful for the future I have thought about the inventions that man has come up with. Let’s take the airplane for example. Many people said that it could not be done. There were even men that said: not in a million years. Yet, do you know how I travel hundreds of miles each year……by airplane!!! Man am I glad, otherwise I would have to drive a long way and wear my vehicle out before its time. My friend was just talking to me about how she was thankful that she had her cell phone. Because there is an elderly lady who many times gets disoriented and needs help finding the car. So, thankfully, my friend was able to contact her and help her out…….by cell phone.

A number of things have been introduced to better life for mankind…….but I am convinced of an even better life for mankind.

You see when Jesus made this statement: “all things are possible to him that believes” he said this to a bunch of people under the law. If we let it, this one statement can revolutionize our lives in a way that has never been witnessed in the history of the world!

Check this out:

If mankind can manipulate the laws of gravity to fly (through airplane) and transmit his voice over thousands of miles (through telephone) as well as many other phenomenal things…..I believe we can use the word of God to baptize this world into a reality never before witnessed by the human being! You have heard of the Industrial Age and the Information Age. The world has never heard of the Spiritual Age! An age in which doctors get sued for malpractice for not praying over their patients because it has been proven over and over again that praying works! An age in which people come to the preacher for healing and they actually get healed!!! An age in which instead of working against each other; the doctors, pharmacists, scientists and ministers come together to make God’s healing team! An age in which the statement: “I would like to see you clear out a hospital”….ACTUALLY COMES TO PASS!!!

You’re right…it’s never been done before. Just like going to the moon and free falling from the stratosphere!

In the Book of John there is a very interesting verse that is amazingly noteworthy: if all the works that Jesus did were recorded, most likely, the world itself would not be able to contain the books that would be written!!! Now I don’t know about you, but the world is pretty big to me. If the world can not contain the books that would be written…..HOW MANY MIRACLES DID JESUS ACTUALLY PERFORM? HOW MANY HEALINGS TOOK PLACE WHILE HE WAS ON THIS EARTH?

Now I know that the Bible says that the gifts of the Spirit are distributed severally as He (the Spirit of God) will. Can you honestly read that verse of scripture and say that the Holy Ghost that moved back in the days of Jesus and the apostles doesn’t move like that today? Remember what the Bible says: Jesus did a whole bunch of miracles. The will of God has not changed. The devil is the same. God is the same. Man is the same. God is still the same miracle working God He has always been. All we need to focus on is doing and leaving the results to God. Not only this but taking a pen and paper with us and scientifically dissecting what works and what doesn’t work so that we can instill a system of delivering men and women of sin, sickness, demons, the hurtful past and many other things that oppress mankind. What I have been doing is praying for people (outside of church). I am so convinced that this will bring about the Spiritual Revolution that I am going to consistently do it. Whether they need help because their boyfriend or girlfriend dumped them or they sprained their pinky toe…..I don’t care what it is I serve a God that is ready to help……AND HE WILL!!!

If Martin Luther King can have a dream and we live in it. I can have a dream and others can live in it too.

Believe that you receive…….and you shall have!



About CJ

Christian that believes and preaches all of the Word of God. Living the "above life" every single day.
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One Response to Believe It or Not

  1. Sheila says:

    Praise God! I really enjoy reading your post! Please keep them coming as the Lord leads 🙂 God Bless!!


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