“New Doctrine”

New Doctrine

Text: Mark 1:27; Acts 17:19

Intro: Now the word “new” is cause for excitement for a lot of people. This is because they are about to meet with something that they did not confront before. For example, at Christmas time, we would prefer to give our loved ones a gift that wasn’t used by someone else. Rather, we want that gift to be fresh, to be sealed, to be “new”. If what we encounter is new to our ears, new to our eyes, new to our senses…..there really is nothing to be afraid of because we are the ones who choose to receive what is being given to us or reject it. The choice is ours. As the people of God, if we encounter something “new” and it actually lines up with the Word of God, then the road we are about to travel is going to lead us into more healings, mind renewal, supernatural provision, and much much more!!!

No Need to Be Afraid
There was a preacher some time ago, in reference to the Holy Ghost, he said, “don’t be afraid….of what you should be full of”.
[Referring to Mark 1:27] These people had never seen demons leave by such an authoritative figure.
“Jesus came to deliver people from their sins” is the truth that many preach and NEVER GO ANY FURTHER! THIS IS A SHAME!!! Saving people from their sins is only a portion of what Jesus came to do. He also came to liberate them in their minds, bring healing to their bodies, money to their bank accounts, and to release freedom in the core of their being!!!
God came down as a man
To multiply Himself in men. Jesus said to the Father: “I in you and you in me that they may be one in us”. Christ IN YOU…….THE hope of glory!!
We are identified with Christ in His Death [his death is our death], we are identified with Him in Burial [the old man is buried], we are identified with Him in Resurrection [the new man has been brought into being], we are identified with Him in His Enthronement [we ARE seated with Him in Heavenly places…….IN CHRIST]

The Power of God Should Never Be “New”
To the Child of God experiencing the power of God should never be new. We should experience Him everyday. Not just at church…..also in the workplace. Not just around the brethren….also among the sinners. Words that lift up….words that encourage….words that remind me of what Jesus would say….not words that my enemies would say. These words need to be spoken everyday. Hallelujah!!!
There are some who think that when we don’t confess we have a sickness we are denying the sickness. Well let them think what they want….I was healed….”BY THE STRIPES OF JESUS CHRIST!!!

The Devil is Dead
We should remember as the people of God the position that we should be in. Pastor expressed to us in a message the position that a baseball player has, the football player has, the golf player has…..tonight we want you to realize the position that a Christian has [illustrate by sitting down on lush pew….seated in Christ!]. After the whole armor of God is put on we don’t go out to battle because: THE DEVIL IS ALREADY DEFEATED!!!! Everything he tries to throw at us is for our good [Romans 8:28]. And the reason we have a hard time living that truth: IS BECAUSE WE HAVE A HARD TIME BELIEVING THAT TRUTH!!! RIGHT LIVING COMES FROM RIGHT BELIEVING!!! This isn’t “new”…but something GOD foreordained before the beginning of time! When He sent His Son, God crushed the head of the serpent….ON THE CROSS!!!


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