How God Chooses

Many things in life are unexplainable. No one can really explain how an earth can hang on nothing. The same with the sun, the moon, and the stars. They hang on nothing. The things that we see had their start with the things that we can’t see. You can’t see words. But you can feel the impact. Some words hurt some words soothe. Some words build up. Other words tear down. El Shaddai has chosen words to deliver mankind from any dilemma they may be faced with. Not just any word.

The Word
We have been given something more powerful than a hydrogen bomb. We have been given something more powerful than prayer. Because all prayer that is guaranteed to get answered is based on THE WORD. Jesus said if my word abides in you and you abide in my word……you’ll ask anything and it will be granted!!!
This Word will heal your body.
This Word will put money in your bank account
This Word will save your family members.
This Word gives hope to the hopeless and will be a father to the fatherless.
What is this word? Is it talking about wonderful Bible accounts that we can teach in Sunday School? I declare I Peter 1:25. Let’s all turn to it. So that we can know what Word God is talking about.

God Wants to Destroy the Destroyer in Your Life
For this purpose the Son of God was manifest: TO DESTROY…….(YEAH!!! I LIKE THAT!) THE WORKS OF THE DEVIL!
Just in case you don’t know, child of God, you are number one in anything you put your hands to do. No weapon that is fashioned to destroy you will prevail against you. You already have all your needs met and will never ever be in lack of anything because Jesus is your Chief Shepherd. You are healed because of Christ’s stripes and not because you have prayed for it. It is all in the eternal covenant that you entered into when you claimed Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Let’s make some confessions tonite shall we: Jesus is mine. And I am His. He is my safety. I am supernaturally safe. He is my Healer. I am supernaturally healed. He is my Shelter. I have a supernatural dwelling. He is my Big Brother. I have a supernatural relative. Jesus is my confidence. I am supernaturally confident. I boast in His Love for me. I know and believe that He loves me.

Human Obedience Versus Faith
I want someone to tell me how Abraham was justified. He was justified by Faith. Now if we are to be children of Abraham what must we be justified by: FAITH. Human obedience will put you on a roller coaster ride because when you do right you will be happy. But when you do wrong you will be sad. God doesn’t want that. By one man’s obedience: YOU ARE MADE RIGHTEOUS!!!!! JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!!


About CJ

Christian that believes and preaches all of the Word of God. Living the "above life" every single day.
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