Ignoring the Warning Signs

Today I heard some news about a pretty lady in Alabama who was apparently in a rush. She had traveled some distance before coming upon a railroad crossing. Seeing this railroad crossing she decided to ignore the stopped vehicles before the empty train track. As she drove her way past 4 cars and across the train track she was abruptly hit by the oncoming locomotive. She died. Her car was totaled. She ignored the warning signs.

In life, there are warning signs around us everywhere. Many people ask to hear from God, not knowing that God NEVER STOPS TALKING. He talks through many avenues. God talks through our circumstances. Through men and women of God. Through the times that we are living in. Our part is to discern His voice in our lives and act accordingly. Jesus was frustrated at the Pharisees because they could discern the face of the sky but could not discern the “signs of the times.” I am not talking about the coming apocalyptic events, I am talking about everyday life. Many people choose not to wait and go head long into an endeavor without gaining wisdom and understanding to better ensure success. And end up like this girl in the story. Though they are physically alive, something inside them dies. Hope deferred makes the heart sick and regret eats like a cancer. That is why there are warning signs. Pay attention and live. God bless you!


About CJ

Christian that believes and preaches all of the Word of God. Living the "above life" every single day.
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