The Lord’s Deliverance

The Lord’s Deliverance

Intro: There were 120 princes over the whole Kingdom of the Medes and the Persians. There were 3 presidents that were over the 120 princes. Daniel, however, was one of these 3 presidents. And he was the “preferred” president. The king wanted to set Daniel over the whole realm.

(Story of Daniel’s Den)

Because of His Excellent Spirit (spirit- inner man)

    1. Notice it wasn’t because of his intellect and it wasn’t because of who he knew, it was because of his inner man!
    2. The purpose of the Lord in these last days is to pull out a people from this wicked world in whom He can place an excellent spirit! Because the people with an excellent spirit are those who are destined to reign with God Almighty!

(Compare: Adam and Eve w/ Christ and The Church)

Source of His Excellent Spirit

  1. Daniel’s connection with God was the source of His excellent spirit.
  2. This is what Paul means when he says, “let us all have the same mind.” The same mind of Christ. So that he can extend His Kingdom as far as possible before His Ultimate Takeover.

(Look at what Darius said)

Source of His Deliverance

    1. Daniel did nothing wrong before God and before the king he was blameless. This was because he had a belief system that wants no harm done to God or man.
    2. Believing God during suffering will not only deliver you, it will also cause God’s influence to expand and increase…which is exactly what we want!


Daniel’s excellent spirit was the reason he was “preferred,” the source of his character and his deliverance was the Lord Jesus. And the purpose was so that God could influence all 120 territories.


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