Some Adversity Was Meant To Kill You

I have heard for a long time that we shouldn’t let adversity get the best of us. I am sure you have heard it as well.

“Don’t let it break you…let it make you!”

These words are very encouraging and true, in some circumstances. The Lord lets us know that there is a word in season and there is a word out of season. In regards to the word out of season, we have the example of Jesus with His disciples where He said something that many of us overlook. He said, “I have many things to tell you….but you cannot bear them now.”

Meaning: You guys would break if I told you. So I am going to wait until the right time to tell you.

Doing things God’s way, in God’s time, will bring God’s results. The right time came and it brought God’s results. If Jesus had told them everything He wanted to tell them, even if it was all true, it would have completely destroyed them. And, it would have been a word out of season.

I believe we, as the Family of God, need a balanced approach when it comes to adversity. It is very true that some adversity was meant to make you stronger. However, there are some adversities that were meant to kill you.

Ok, let me explain.

What was the purpose of Christ’s coming to earth?

Whole cults have been formed around this controversial topic and yet within it there is a truth that we can apply to our lives that would absolutely cause a spiritual revolution unlike we have ever seen in our existence as human beings. His purpose, His eternal purpose, was to bring everything in the universe into union with His ideas, His ways, and Himself! After Adam sinned, death entered the world. Now, when Christ entered the world He knew His mission was to die. He faced an adversity that was MEANT TO KILL HIM! So that He could become…wait for it…a brand New Creation! So it is with us. Some of us are struggling, battling, for the meaning of what we are going through. When, in reality, we need to look a little deeper and allow God to:

  1. Make us stronger through adversity


  1. Destroy those old, traditional, religious, filthy, pharisaical, non-biblical, non-beneficial mindsets that actually lead us to “reject the counsel of God against ourselves.” We need to embrace the cross and allow God to give us a brand new life that looks more like our Master’s!

In both cases, we see that adversity, to the Family of God, is a good thing because it allows God to root out of us that which is not profitable and work that into us which is profitable (Jesus Christ).

Keep in mind, that I did not “direct” these comments to anyone. Also, all the comments about adversity making us stronger that have been shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google by my brothers and sisters I 100% agree with. This was on my heart and I wanted to share as well. God bless all of you! And may adversity make you or break you….whatever the Lord wants.

(Note: If you disagree please do me a favor and comment on why. I am not perfect and definitely need to see the error of my ways. Don’t worry, I won’t preach on you. 🙂


About CJ

Christian that believes and preaches all of the Word of God. Living the "above life" every single day.
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