Ephesians: The Love Letter

Paul gives us a faithful revelation from God, our Father, in Ephesians.
But how might it appear if those portions of the Epistle pertaining to God’s revelation had been written straight to us from God’s own hand, and Paul were eliminated? Seeing that Paul was only an instrument through whom God wrote anyway, how might the first chapter and part of the second chapter of this Epistle read if our Father had written it directly to us?
In the following paraphrase, I think you will see just how intimately involved with us our Father really is when reading it this way!

To: My children…believers in Christ Jesus!
I, your Father, and Jesus Christ My Son, give you Grace and Peace!
I have Blessed you with ALL of My Spiritual Blessings in My heavenly realms- in My Son: even as I SELECTED you in Him for this very reason!
Even BEFORE I ever founded the world, I already SELECTED YOU so that you may stand in My Presence in Love, and I can now see you as holy and blameless!
For I previously destined you by Jesus Christ to become My very own SONS, because it pleased Me so much to do this, and it results in bringing Me praise for this glorious Grace with which I have so favorably received you in My Son Whom I so dearly Love!
And it’s in Him that you are enjoying this freedom because He paid for you with His own blood and ERASED all your sins!
It’s out of the Riches of My Grace that I have been so lavish toward you in all wisdom and prudence with all these blessings!
Yes, I have revealed to you the secret of My will according to My good pleasure even as I had purposed in Myself to do this:
that…I might gather all things together into one—into My Son,
all things that are in heaven and on earth- even into Him:
in Whom I have also given you a portion,
having previously destined you to this very thing according to My purpose
(for I’m working all things after the counsel of My own will):
so that all those who trust in My Son should be a people bringing praise to My Glory. And it was in Him that you trusted, after hearing the Word of Truth, the Glad Tidings of your Salvation!
It was in Him also, after you believed in Him, that I then Sealed you with My Holy Spirit of Promise, My Guarantee to you of your inheritance,
to Seal you until the time when I will glorify you, for you are My purchased property, to the praise of My Glory!
I am the God of your Lord Jesus Christ, I am the Father of Glory!
I want you to KNOW Me so I will give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation,
I want to illuminate the eyes of your understanding!
I want you to KNOW just what the Hope of My calling is in your life!
I want you to KNOW just what the Riches of My glorious inheritance are in the saints!
I want you to KNOW just how exceedingly great My Power is toward you!
I want you to KNOW the working of My mighty Power which I exerted and unleashed in My Son when I raised Him from the dead,
enthroning Him at My own right hand up here in My heavenly realms-
FAR ABOVE ALL- princes, and authorities, and powers, and rulers,
and every name that is named, not only in this age,
but also in that which is to come!
I have placed EVERYTHING under His (and your) feet!
I gave Him to be  the HEAD OVER ALL THINGS to you who are My Church –                  You are My BODY and My FULNESS and I FILL YOU and I AM IN YOU!
I have made you ALIVE!
Because of Me you are no longer dead in transgressions and sins.
I am Rich in Mercy for My great Love wherewith I loved you,
and I made you ALIVE together with My Son!
By My Grace you are SAVED, ALIVE again and made whole!
I raised you up into heaven together with My Son and I enthroned you together!
In the coming ages I will display the exceeding Riches of My Grace
by having shown this exceeding kindness to you through Christ Jesus!
You are saved by My Grace- simply by believing in My Son;
and not by any merit on your part- Salvation is “MY GIFT” so that no one can brag as if they had saved themselves!
You are “MY” workmanship, “I” have created you in Christ Jesus
so you might perform those good works which I previously determined for you to walk in!

(Adapted from someone utilized of God to bring restoration to the body of Christ)


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Christian that believes and preaches all of the Word of God. Living the "above life" every single day.
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