Judging The Character Vs. Judging The Action

Whenever we choose to attack someone’s character we do damage to the other individual in ways that are past what the eyes can see.

For instance, if you are walking with your friend in the local Wal-Mart and you see someone you haven’t seen in a long time and you fail to introduce that someone to your friend…..that can be considered a rude action.

However, if your friend turns to you and calls you “rude” that is something altogether totally different. Especially, when your character is not rude. Making it a practice to not introduce people to your friend does not constitute you having a rude character. You may have forgotten or have had a lot on your mind, etcetera etcetera……

For us to judge a person’s character when we don’t know their heart isn’t wise.

Let’s go back to our example, now that the person has been called “rude”, the other friend can apologize until they are blue in the face…..it doesn’t get rid of the pain (because truth spoken without consideration is painful). You may have already forgiven them for attacking your character. However, sometimes for some people it will take God and time for them to not force themselves to be nice to you.


People crucified a perfect person. I shouldn’t be surprised if people crucify an imperfect person (that’s me). I endeavor to build people up, especially my friends.

Because friends don’t crucify each other.

This is why we must separate what a person does from who a person is sometimes. We must seek to understand why they did an action….and stop treating hospital patients like criminals. We don’t know what life they were brought up in and why they do certain things.

Please remember this, whenever you attack a person’s character, the relationship may never ever be the same. Nevertheless, with God’s help and HEALING WORDS…IT CAN BE BETTER THAN EVER!!!


About CJ

Christian that believes and preaches all of the Word of God. Living the "above life" every single day.
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