Our Papa’s Love Reaches Deeper Than Anything

One of the greatest things I like about Paul is that once he encountered Christ he became the very opposite of what he was like before.

Before he was a man who put people in bondage thinking that it was God’s will to do so.

Sound familiar?

How many of us have become victims of someone who, “in the name of God” have brought us under shame, condemnation, and guilt thinking that they were doing God service?

Nothing was further from the truth.

However, because of God’s deep love for us His love reached down where no one else could go and rescued us from the deep miry mud pits where no human hands could go!!!

Now I have a better understanding of what David meant when he said whither shall I go that you are not there? If I go down to the deepest hell….you are there. If I go to highest heaven you are there.

What was he saying?

Well since God = Love. He was saying:

That there is no depth, breadth, width, height….THAT GOD’S LOVE CAN’T REACH!

His hand is not shortened. As a matter of fact he stretched those hands out on the cross, died and rose again so that he could give you a great big hug…EVERYDAY OF YOUR LIFE!

Embrace the Christ in YOU!!!

Nothing but love, peace, and grace be multiplied….


About CJ

Christian that believes and preaches all of the Word of God. Living the "above life" every single day.
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