The following information that I am about to discuss is extremely Biblical and in line with the Godhead. Some might get offended at this. Viewer discretion advised:

When Jesus said the famous statement: “I am with you even until the end of the world…” there are some who try to refute this statement and add a condition.

However, when we add to the Word of God by our own reasoning or because we think God meant to say something else, we dilute what God is saying to us.

I believe what Jesus said even if it sounds radical.

When He said that He would be with me even unto the end of the world this means:

When I am up

When I am down

When I am doing right

If I sin…

Uh-oh. I just lost some of you there.

Yes, that’s right. God comforts us by His word and says to us:

IF you sin, you have an advocate with the Father…

Who is that ADVOCATE?

Jesus Christ the Righteous.

So we see that this wasn’t a license to sin. It was a comfort to let us know that God will not leave us just because we sin.

To God….sin is no big deal anyway. So it shouldn’t be a big deal to us either.

Jesus became sin so that we could become the righteousness of God…IN HIM!

So if you sin or do anything you don’t think God would approve of. DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT!

The Lord knows and loves you for you. Regardless of you! Period!

After all God’s goal is not to get you to live right.

It’s to be with you…FOREVER!!!


About CJ

Christian that believes and preaches all of the Word of God. Living the "above life" every single day.
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