The Ultimate Transformation

As I walked inside of my house from my walk through this beautiful Arizona day, I started thinking.


I was thinking of a caterpillar and how necessary it is for it to have what is called a “cocoon season.” A cocoon season is a season where the caterpillar undergoes massive organ transformation. For instance, its guts get narrower and its tracheal tube gets bigger. The whole time it is transforming it needs this period of solitude to do so properly.

Then I thought about us as human beings. How that everybody is capable of transforming themselves no matter where they are in life. We have all heard of the stories about how the poor became rich. We have even heard stories about how an uncaring person became a caring person. Part of the Ebenezer Scrooge story was taken from real life events.

People can and do change.

However, there is a change that trumps all the other changes. A change that is so magnificent and so unique that it makes all the other changes pale in comparison.

Do you know what change I am talking about?

The change that a person makes when they begin a relationship with Jesus Christ!!!

They go from gutter to Glory!
They go from darkness to Light!
They go from ghetto to Greatness!
They go from fear to Faith!

And there is coming a day:

Where we will go from our earthly bodies (caterpillars) to our glorified bodies (butterflies).

And the best part about this transformation is that all a person has to do in order to affect this change in them is BELIEVE on Jesus Christ!!!

Some call it, “easy believism” God calls it the only way to ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATION!!!

We are recreated in the image of God after the inner man and are becoming more and more like Christ each and every day.

By faith in Christ!

In all actuality, this is what the life of a caterpillar is suppose to illustrate:


The things that are seen teach us about things that we can’t see. So let’s continue to be good stewards and enjoy the life God has given to you His child. And when this wonderful life is over we will enter into our inheritance that we obtained by faith while we were still “caterpillars” according to the flesh.

God bless you.
God loves you.
God smiles when He sees you.

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About CJ

Christian that believes and preaches all of the Word of God. Living the "above life" every single day.
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