According to the Law vs. According to the LIFE!

I am reminded of the woman who was caught in adultery. What Jesus did in front of the lifeless “law abiding” religious leaders was an unprecedented display of the wisdom of God in any situation.

Check this out:

There she is, brought in front of the Master Himself. The one whom the people wanted to make king is now questioned about what should be done to this woman who was caught in a heinous sin. They said, “MOSES SAID that this woman should be stoned to death…..but what do YOU SAY?”

And what does Jesus do?…

Writes on the ground!

They ask him one more time:

“MOSES SAID that this woman should be stoned to death…..but what do YOU SAY?”

Jesus gets up calmly and says, “you who are without sin…cast the first stone.”

The accusers leave.

Make no mistake: JESUS IS BAD TO THE BONE!!!

How in the world did He learn how to answer his critics? The secret is found in His reliance upon the Father. The relationship is what set him apart from every religious leader ever known. Notice how the common people heard him gladly. He wasn’t trying to prove a point. He was simply living from the God life that is inside of every believer.

This means that we believers can do the same things that Jesus did while He was on Earth.


He even tells us not to think about what we are saying when we are questioned from the authorities. He doesn’t want our answers coming from a well thought out, orchestrated, refined and carnal plan. He guarantees that it will be the Spirit of the Father that will speak through YOU!

So today I encourage you family, live according to the Spirit and let the life of God envelop every person who comes into contact with you. And never forget:


God bless you.
God loves you.
God smiles when He sees you.

About CJ

Christian that believes and preaches all of the Word of God. Living the "above life" every single day.
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